Wearing Disposable Ear loop Face Mask for a log time is too painful for our ears.Because the Elastic ear loops are designed to hang on the ears,so that will hurt our ears if we wear the mask for a long time.That's why I designed for this 3D printable Face Mask Guard.Due to the  bio war of the corona virus on all over the world, wearing the masks is necessary to prevent the virus from spreading to us also to others .Here in Kerala,India our government initiated the Break the Chain Campaign ,so there is two various design files by name one is other one is Break the Chain for the Corona vires(COVID19) prevent campaign .This design is flexible,have better strength recommended to print it using PLA Plastic,Thats make this bio degradable


This Mask guard design available in two various sizes.U can download the design from here for FREE.also recommended to print them on 0.1 layer height with 100% Infill .Use PLA to 3D print .You can print on 0.2 layer height if you don't want the names on it

  • 110x15x1 mm
  • 150x15x1 mm

Software::  Autodesk Fusion 360
Tags:  Face Mask Guard,Mask Guard,Break the Chain , prevent COVID19, Wear Masks ,3D printable Mask Guard ,3D Mask Guard ,VectorBag Mask Guard,Break the Chain Mask guard,Maskguard

3D Face Mask Guard Design for Ears (3D printable)

By Saheen Palayi 1 955
8 months ago

Saheen Palayi

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